Wanted : a singer to provide a third voice for a lament at the Béal Festival

Edit : I am attaching here the Béal Festival programme for 2012 (PDF)  

I wrote a Lament for Three Voices which will be programmed at the Béal Festival 2012. The directors  of the Béal Festival, David Bremner and Elizabeth Hillard, have found me two singers who are interested in the piece and we will begin rehearsing soon.

This is an exciting time, although there are nerves about getting the lament right. I know how it should sound. I know that it is not a recitative piece, and that a lot depends on how the words are spoken and upon the spaces between the words. We came to the decision that the piece is for singers, rather than for poets to perform. I am happy about this as I felt that this was important too, but I do not know many singers and I am too long out of practice to attempt the piece.

Lament is a multi-layered chorus for three women’s voices. There is a possibility inherent in the piece that the women are phantoms and that they are unaware of it. The poem was too complex to submit for journal-publication, so I am delighted to be able to programme it in 2012.

Women singers who may be interested in performing a new piece of spoken word and have some rehearsal time over the next weeks can contact me c(dot)elizabethmurray(At)gmail(dot)com or via DM on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/celizmurray

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