Doris Lessing’s Poems

Olivia Guest of Jonathan Clowes Ltd. has informed me today that they are willing to extend my Doris Lessing licence and so I have returned the poems here. Thanks to Olivia and Jonathan Clowes for an extended opportunity to share Doris Lessing’s work on Poethead. 

I spent some time in 2011 looking for permission to host two Doris Lessing poems on Poethead. In 2011 Lessing’s literary agents, Jonathan Clowes Ltd. very kindly permitted a limited copyright for ‘Fable’ and ‘Oh Cherry Trees You Are Too White For My Heart’ to be carried on this blog for a longer period.

I  have blogged about Doris Lessing, Nobel Laureate, writer and poet both on this blog and on Open Salon blogs. I thought to publish the Lessing search-engine terms and statistics since my publication of the poems in 2011.

Doris Lessing’s Poems, statistics (to date)


I have recently opened Poethead on Open Salon as an experiment in widening out the blog’s readership. Blog hits both on Lessing, and on Dorothy L. Sayers translations of The Commedia have increased since then . The following is a link to the Salon post on the Lessing collections at the McFarlin Library,University of Tulsa.

Discussion about the permissions and transcription process for the Lessings are available here.  For my last month of hosting the works I will likely Tweet the poems on a weekly basis at .