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I am testing the portability of Poethead in an Open Salon blog, so I thought to add the link here.  The themes I have used are similiar to those I already concentrate in this blog , the translation, editing and poetics of women writers and editors. My thanks to Anora McGaha for making me aware of the Salon space, and for encouraging women bloggers to continue writing through connecting on services like Twitter.

Quite recently there was a call by Gherush 92, an affiliate of the U.N, to suppress or filter sections of Dante’s Divine Comedy , which I have examined  in this incomplete list. My second post on Salon looks again at Sayers’ effort with translating The Commedia. I am extracting the first paragraph here and adding in a link.

‘There is an author page for Dorothy L.  Sayers in the Guardian Newspaper, so naturally enough I consulted it during the recent controversial call for the ‘filtering of Dante Alighieri in schools and universities by Gherush 92 (an affiliate organisation of the United Nations).

Aside from the issue of conflict between paid affiliates within the UN that a call for censorship of The Divine Comedy should provoke , not much more has been said by either Gherush 92 or UNESCO on the issue of banning one of the cornerstones of Western literature from Universities and  academies. ‘

Here’s a link to Books by Women , an excellent site which represents a lot of hard-work by Anora McGaha. Somewhere on the site there is a copy of my ‘Aluine’s Gardens’ poem, and an essay on transcribing women writers by myself.

My new Salon blog is at link.


The image that graces both Poethead on Wordpress and on Salon is of Euterpe , muse of lyric poetry.

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