The Burning Bush Revival Meeting is online

The Burning Bush 2 went online this very week, and there is a little poem in it by myself written in Barcelona. Even a  short holiday makes me miss the winds and lakes in Ireland! I am adding here the link to the Burning Bush landing page, along with a list of poets therein, and a copy of my poem too. I have also added a link to the TBB2 site in the Poethead blogroll .

Background to the TBB2 (Revival)

“For those who might not know, the original Burning Bush was published from 1999 to 2004 in Galway, Ireland. It was edited by the poets Michael S. Begnal and Kevin Higgins (until 2000 when Higgins left and Begnal became the sole editor). There’s a piece here on Mike’s blog which gives the background and history of the original magazine. I’m pleased to report that, fittingly, Kevin and Mike have both contributed to The Burning Bush 2. They are among a number of past contributors to the Burning Bush included in these virtual pages.” ( by Alan Jude Moore , editorial issue 1)

The Poets in issue #1 of Burning Bush Revival

“As we mentioned in an earlier post, in the first issue we wanted to include as many poets as we could who had published in the original Burning Bush. Several former contributors answered the call, including Kevin Higgins, Patrick Chapman, Todd Swift, JT Menesini and Nuala Ní Chonchúir.” Here’s the complete list of poets in the first issue of Burning Bush Revival. There is also a Facebook appreciation and info page available at this link.

About  the poem, ‘and her yellow music caught in the throat of birds’

I wrote a small poem in Barcelona which is there at the very end of the poets’ list. I lately again found the notebooks where I had initially written the Irish version (in an old craftsman’s handbook, which I had tied with elastic at the time). The poem and two others were filed in a folder relating to a set of images I had been working on called Archivum. The folder was in a small group of other folders that I had been meaning to search through, and last week just after the funeral of a dear friend I recovered them while looking for his letters. I wrote it in bad Irish and thought it better to send a translation instead. (luckily)

The full list of poets in the Burning Bush 2 Revival Online Meeting 

Michael S. Begnal, Kevin Higgins , Maurice Scully,  John Thomas Menesini, Patrick Chapman, Nuala Ní Chonchúir,  Keith Gaustad, David Wheatley,  David Stone, John W. Sexton, Todd Swift , Emily Cullen , Dave Lordan, Paul Perry, Annemarie Ní Chuireann, John MacKenna Stephanie Conn, Gerard Smyth Shannon, Ward Miceál Kearney, Sarah Maria Griffin, Jean Kavanagh , Peadar O’Donoghue , Kerrie O’Brien, JP Dancing Bear,  Gerard Beirne , C. Murray

The Burning Bush 2 can be found at this internet address.

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