‘Angelus’ by Kathleen Raine.

I see the blue, the green, the golden and the red,
I have forgotten all the angel said.

The flower, the leaf, the meadow and the tree,
But of the words I have no memory.

I heard the swift, the martin, and the wren,
But what was told me, past all thought is gone.

The dove, the rainbow, echo, and the wind,
But of the meaning, all is out of mind.

Only I know he spoke the word that sings its way
in my blood streaming, over rocks to sea,

A word engraved in the bone, that burns within
To apotheosis the substance of a dream,

That living I shall never hear again,
because I pass, I pass, while dreams remain.

by Kathleen Raine.

Angelus , is from The Collected Poems of Kathleen Raine / http://www.amazon.co.uk/Collected-Poems-Kathleen-Raine/dp/0903880741

Kathleen Raine