‘Willy-Wag and Sparrow’ by Nancy Cato.

‘Bird in the Sun’, by Leonard Baskin.

Willy-wag and Sparrow
sat on a stone.
Said Willy, it’s cold
when the sun is gone.

But my heart beats hot
in my white silk breast;
time enough later
for me to rest.

Said Sparrow, It’s dark
in the green willow,
and the cat may lurk
in the shade below.

He fluffed his feathers
and shook his head;
by now the others
are safe in bed.

Said Willy, the sky
is full of light,
and a juicy fly
is quickly caught.

I’ll flirt my fan
awhile the cold,
and I won’t go in
till the moon is gold.

Said sparrow, the tree
is full by now,
and I’m off to my perch
on the topmost bough.

But Willy said, whether
it’s dark or light,
if I feel like singing
I’ll sing all night. 

 By Nancy Cato

 In remembrance of the children of Utoeya, whose play was so grievously wounded and destroyed. RIP

From The Dancing Bough, 1957.

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