Poethead Links and Irish Imprints ; reacting to savage cut-backs by The Fianna Fáil and Green Parties.

Following on from the Cló Iar-Chonnachta post which I published in the last  days, I thought to draw some attention to the Poethead links, which are included on the right-hand column of the main Poethead page. 

There are two specifically Irish themed link-sets on this blog, entitled Irish Imprints and Irish Writers, others are scattered in the links under the titles, Art and Image , or Art and Poetry Publications. As this is a small , independent writer’s site ,  not everything appears with amazing rapidity, it comprises a reflection of  my reading interests . However, as the whole world knows that Ireland is in severe financial trouble  and as our arts infrastructure is quite poor already, being publicity-led and market-driven many people would possibly like to know the value of a good book and that not all that leaves this country in the form of media-packaged twaddle is grotesquely misshapen by the demands of a globalised market. (or indeed the special little interests of a small group of men)

These small presses and their writers do not deserve extinction through cuts, through market-forced innovations or indeed through governments that lack essential leadership in their duty of care to our culture and heritage.

I do hope that a renaissance will occur between the poet/artist and the reader and that awareness of the value of a linguistic tradition is cottoned onto. It’d be great to see corporates actually realising that people cannot glut forever on simplified consumerist fantasy as a palliative to their promoted ennui !

I always think that European cultures know the value of their poetic and literary traditions more so than us Irish, but I am optimistically waiting to be proven wrong. I include herein some of the Independent Press names , which will evolve and be added to and indeed I have added also some online writers who I  and many others enjoy:

I have had some lovely emails about the Cló Iar-Chonnachta post and I am always welcoming of recommended reads.  I will be updating about how ongoing Fianna Fáil/Green Party policy has eviscerated Irish Art and Culture in later posts. I will point readers to the National campaign for the Arts RSS feed , which is right below this post in the centre column. A Personal Anarchist Manifesto Theatre  Forum Ireland

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