Mark My Words , by Eilis Ní Dhuibhne

Mark My Words , with illustrations by Alice Maher was published in conjunction with The Night Garden exhibition by Alice Maher and lives in a little black folder with pieces by Maher entitled The Bestiary. I have added an Alice Maher link to the Poethead Blogroll in the section, Art and Image. Linked at base of this piece is Maher’s Chaplet with Poem by C Murray.

Charlotte Salomon Self-portrait

My Angel of a Secretary.

by Eilis Ní Dhuibhne, From Mark my Words.

” I was sitting at my desk
Outside the boss’s office
Replying to emails
From candidates for places
On the courses we offer ;
The effective saint;
Managing eternity efficiently Level Two;
Create the world workshops (NB Seven Day Course).
Then what happens?
This black yoke comes in
With a thousand questions
In its beady eye.
It has wings like me
But otherwise
We’ve nothing, nothing
In common. Have we ?
I gave him the standard line.
I regret that on this occasion we have
No vacancies for crows or artists.
We wish you every success
In your future career.

The creature stayed however.
I did not call security
(Because I am security!
I do everything around here)
And so the loser stayed.


Bower Poems with Image Courtesy of Alice Maher

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