PIP , the Project for Innovative Poetry

I have added some new links to the Blogroll this morning . I have also removed a few and will be re-organising the blogroll later today. The front page of PIP which you will find here includes an image and biography, as well as a poem by Pierre Joris . Joris is familiar to readers of the Poethead blog, mostly from the links to his essay on Paul Celan , Celan/Heidegger : Translation at the Mountain of Death (Todtnauberg )

This Celan/ Heidegger essay is linked at the base of this introductory. Pierre Joris Blog is also linked in on the Poethead blogroll and he has kindly added the Poethead site in his blogroll (which I think an honour btw).

The link to the PIP project is the first link below this post. I do like innovative Poetry and the use of Web to read other poets and writers. Joris is a translator of Aramaic and other languages, who owns the Nomadics blog and the Homad Blog..

I have also added Poetry International Web to the Poethead blogroll, indeed I have joined the site. The link is listed in the Threads heading, beneath PIP. I am publishing here as third link their homepage, for those of us who like poetry and
find a dearth of it in the so-called cultural pages of our dailies and web-based media concerns. There really is an absence in traditional print media when it comes to introducing poetics and cultural innovations , especially in Ireland.

It appears , in Ireland, (at least) that innovation is almost as dirty word as new media, which somewhat explains the paralysis in our Arts- being afraid of innovation and new technology is cutting one of the sources of communication by writers and performers. This fear of innovation in Arts, Journalism and discussion is being carried out elsewhere so I will not belabour the point here.

Project for Innovative Poetry.
 Translation at the Mountain of death, Todtnauberg
Poetry International Web
 UBUWEB Ethnopoetics

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