‘Whale’ and ‘Currach Oars’ by Daragh Breen

‘Whale’ by Daragh breen

Whale by Daragh Breen; November Press, Published 2010.

In the Earth’s oceans,
the King Whale, like a worm trailing
silk, dragged the first lines
of Longitude and Latitude about the globe,
holding it tight in its mesh.

Currach Oars

They are carved from the bone of those same elk-antlers
that once scratched across the icy surface
of the original black winter sky,
leaving behind a trail of talon-scratches
the Milky Way-long.

The shorn Elk-God’s head is the blood-congealed
mess of the lower winter sun
towards which the men drag their six-legged currach
to gallop over the thrashing ocean in search of food.

Both poems are © Daragh Breen, all rights reserved.

Poems from : Whale , by Daragh Breen . November Press , 2010.

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