Day: June 11, 2010

Statement from the Western Writer’s Centre 11-06-2010.

“The Western Writers’ Centre – Ionad Scribhneoirí Chaitlín Maude – Galway deplores the illegal blockade of Gaza by Israel and the recent boarding of the relief vessels m.v. Rachel Corrie and the m.v. Marmara by Israeli forces. Further, we express our condolences to the families of the nine relief activists killed by Is…raeli commandos on the m.v. Marmara.” Fred Johnston Richard Tillinghast Brian Mooney Sylvia Crawford Aoife NicFhearghusa

Women editors and translators on Poethead 

Women translators and editors form the basis of much of what is published on Poethead.  Mostly they have a Western (English Language bias), although not always , (in the cases of Levertov, Ursu, Weil, Hassanzadeh, Nagy, amongst others for example ) though I do think that as readers and writers many women underestimate the small presses, the dedicated presses and the university presses. The areas of poetry that are translated are not necessarily specialisation; but  represent modes of communication of  those texts that are sorely neglected, and they are a virtual babel-tower of richness in literary inheritance. Along with online resources, mentioned in the two short pieces on ethnopoetics and translations, which I will include as  links at the end of this piece are book resources, in which sometimes Amazon can be your friend, though you can do worse than checking out the college bookshops, the specialist bookshops, and at the posher end those shops that deal in first editions and artistic editions. I have also found some beautiful artistic and poetic collaborations published here in Ireland as part of art exhibitions or in …