‘Two Songs of Spring Wandering’ by Wang Wei.

Bonnard’s little tree.

Two Songs of Spring Wandering
” The silken willow wands arching the loitering river,
unfold into smoky strings of leaves;
The ice in the cold ravine melts into the warm air.
When the glory of spring has been born again along
the flower-laden paths,
We shall already have heard people playing gay tunes
from the inspiring Yun and Shao.

Wandering along the willow-bordered trail and over
Peach-Blossom Stream,
Hungering for the brightness of Spring – everywhere
beauty enchants me !
Flying birds dart now and then to scatter the
willow catkins;
Boughs, overburdened, bend beneath whorls of blossom”.


Publ. Poems of Wang Wei Trans, Chang Yin-nan
and Lewis C Walmsley. Charles E Tuttle Company, Tokyo , Japan. 1958.

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