Re-Visiting the Narrative Arts Club !

The Narrative Arts Club are beginning again their series of workshops and performances, so I went along last night to the Central Hotel in Exchequer Street to say Hello! to Coilín and listen to some good stories. I am not a fan of TV and had let my visits go a bit slack of late, thus I was delighted to hear that they are going strong and it was a most enjoyable evening, with one caveat :

Coilín you must tell the people to exchange stories during the 25 minute interval, this was a feature of the older club and it always throws up some interesting tales.

There has been some change to the structuring of the evening, I noted more scribblers in the audience than before and there was a wee booklet by Tinderbox handed out, my copy of which is before me as I write.

The Programme for last evening included:

The Sufi and the Onions

The Arabian Nights: Introducing Shahrazad , The Merchant and the Dijn , The Three Sheiks,The Fisherman and the Dijn (intro)

I had to leave at the second short interval, whereupon two short tales were to be told , I am assured that the next series will include the full story of ‘The Fisherman and the Dijn’, and I am looking forward to that. The stories are beautifully told , the atmosphere is convivial, the bar is next door for drinkies and socialising- thus It’s a wonderful evening of delights and tales which beats the pants off watching television!

I am including here the Facebook page for details of upcoming events. 

Find the Narrative Arts Club on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Re-Visiting the Narrative Arts Club !

  1. Thanks a million, Chris.
    You’re absolutely right about encouraging people to mingle and exchange stories in the interval – Doh! Please remind us of this!
    By the way, we’re not sure exactly when we will tell the Fisherman and the Djinn. It’s a storytelling deep-dive to about five levels of stories within stories. Maybe part of it next season. Or maybe some small parts within the next couple of months.

  2. Just pasting in here the Director’s Blog and comments on recent events:

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