‘Vatican’ by Daragh Breen

Vatican Daragh Breen In a glass specimen-jar in the Vatican Archives is one of the blue bottle flies (Calliphora vormitoria), that festered in Christ's wounded side as He was taken down from the Cross. In the catacombs of the fly's eye is a moon suspended in darkness. On this sphere is a single, mast- like [...]

“Purdah I” by Imtiaz Dharker.

Purdah Iby Imtiaz Dharker.One day they said she was old enough to learn some shame. She found it came quite naturally. Purdah is a kind of safety. The body finds a place to hide. The cloth fans out against the skin much like the earth that falls on coffins after they put dead men in. [...]

A Saturday Woman Poet, Women Writers On Poethead in 2010.

A Saturday Woman Poet 2010 , some Women Writers from the Poethead blog . The Saturday Woman Poet  category of Poethead is related to  other categories and themes within this site called , 25 Pins in a Packet , Women Creators,  A Saturday Woman Poet and Saturday Women Poets. I will be adding those links and archives at [...]

‘Ireland’ by Richard Ryan

Ireland That ragged leaking raft held between sea and sea its long forgotten cable melting into deeper darkness where, at the root of it, the slow sea circles and chews. Nightly the dark- ness lands like hands to mine downward. springing tiny leaks till dawn finds field is bog, bog lake. by Richard Ryan Ravenswood. [...]

Anniversary of Ireland’s blasphemy criminalisation, Incentivisation.

The 2006-2009 Defamation Bill : The first anniversary of the Blasphemy Criminalisation in Ireland occurs January 1st 2011. The 2006-2009 Defamation Bill in Ireland is rather unique, it was railroaded through the Dáil in summer of 2009 through a system called the guillotine vote, together with a  majority vote by the two Government parties, Fianna [...]