Marie Ndiaye :” Trois femmes puissantes” and Sarkozy.

It is not often that I refer to political issues on this blog, indeed I do the commentating (or critique) elsewhere on a politics blog.

But today in the stead of my Saturday Woman Writer snippets ( both Poetic and literary) I wish to refer to the case of Ms Ndiayeand the situation in Paris. All morning there have been alerts regarding the situation wherein a 42-year-old mother of two has left France and moved to Berlin because of increasing surveillance , which she detailed in an Interview (August 2009) with Inrockuptiples Magazine.

The issues of surveillance and repression always being an interest to me as a writer.

Ms Ndiaye’s book : Trois femmes puissantes is based in the migration issue. So, I will consider this post a short note on the problems in Paris and indeed in Calais. Calais is ignored a lot isn’t it? far easier for French Newspapers to publish pretty pictures, unqualified gossip and other malarkey that ignores issues of migration/immigration right at Calais Port.

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