Anna Politkovskaya: Third Anniversary on the 07/10/09

wiki image by Tatyana Zelenskaya
wiki image by Tatyana Zelenskaya

Anna Politkovskaya 30/08/48 to 07/10/06

I will add in a few blog posts and information pages at the end of this post which is in the manner of remembering the importance of this woman writer politically and acknowledging the work she did in Chechyna.

Light is Speech, by Marianne Moore (excerpt)

“One can say more of sunlight
than of speech; but speech
and light, each
aiding each- when French-
have not disgraced that still
unextirpated adjective.
Yes, light is speech. free frank
impartial sunlight, moonlight,
starlight, lighthouse light,
are language. The Creach’h
d’Ouessant light-
house on its defenceless dot of
rock, is the descendant of Voltaire.”

RIP Anna Politkovskaya (1948-2006)

Here are some links to information about Politkovskaya via The International Women in Media Foundation, My Blog and

Anna’a Page at IWMF.

International Women’s day ‘Remembering Politkovskaya’
dot’s blog
Letter of Protest to Putin.

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