Poetry Against Blasphemy Laws : ‘Over the Edge’.

It’s great when your government ministers do not recognise
their own traditions of blasphemy, thats mostly because they
have little in the way of time to read a book- though one hopes
when they are fcked out next election that they will increase
their literacy level…

Ireland has a wonderful tradition of blasphemic utterance, in poetry,
in fiction and in literature, mostly we are a people that refuse to take
ourselves so seriously:

I feel that Dermot Ahern has not one iota of intellection in this issue.
What a sad and expedient little man he has proven himself to be.
I hope many people submit as govt consistently erases cultural
memory in pursuit of what gain? Cheap and tawdry idiotic family
members pretending they can write books, or good tailoring- who
knows what attracts the witless bureaucrat to a position of power
therein to laud their ignorance as if it were somehow commensurate
with actually having a brain >?

Poets and Blasphemy via ‘Over the Edge’, Submissions Notice.

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