Charming Little Book : V Sackville West

This is just a brief note, given my current interest in our small bird population and this year’s lack of snowdrops in my own garden. Indeed it is related somewhat to another entry on Poethead . (cf bottom of this post for linkie)

Every year we wander to the National Botanic Gardens to take a look at the snowdrops in the rockery, this is utterly convenient because the rockery comprises a playground for the burgeoning and largely tame squirrel population; but I digress.. I bought the book for my mother in her early widowhood because she adores climbers, roses and scented stock. Our beautiful Sumac came down in a storm and though I only visit with her , its become obvious that the straggling offspring do not carry the same impact for the local birds or indeed aesthetically.

Thus this evening I am bringing home In Your garden by Sackville West to re-read, and Faber’s Collected Marina Carr Plays.

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