A Saturday Woman Poet: Eithne Strong.

Sarah, In Passing

A Pair of bockety
legs went up
the street below county
tweed and haystack
hat, the waddling brains
‘Aren’t they most awfully
rich?’ the shaky Anglo
voice inquired.
‘O no,’ he said,
straight leg and cavalry
suffering her infirmity,
slow pace
for pace.
‘Her father was
but she, she
lost it all.’

Words in the morning.

“Sarah passed
ingesting scene and situation;
imagining , assimilating;
seeing much she did
not see,
interpreting what she did
not hear: “
( Short Excerpted piece from what Sarah saw or did not see)

Girl on her Lover

“Like some god
too dark to live
upon the earth.
All beautiful , all evil,
all powerful over
me. No rest nor sever
from the dark hard tie”.

  • Three excerpts from Sarah In Passing by Eithne Strong.
  • Sarah, in Passing. The Dolmen Press. 1974.

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