Work and Contemplation- by EBB

” The woman singeth at her spinning- wheel
A pleasant chant, ballad or barcarolle;
She thinketh of her song, upon the whole,
Far more than of her flax; and yet the reel
is full, and artfully her fingers feel
With quick adjustment, provident control.
The lines, too subtly twisted to unroll,
Out to a perfect thread. I hence appeal
To the dear Christian Church, that we may do
Our Father’s business in these temple’s Mirk,
Thus swift and steadfast ; thus, intent and strong:
While, thus, apart from toil, our souls pursue
Some high, calm, spheric tune, and prove our work
The better for the sweetness of our song.”

This is a good evening, it rains (it pours) but political change is in the air and I am glad for that.. cos sometimes it seems that Women’s Work is ignored (and it is often hard work.)

The above is by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, one of my favourite writers.

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