A Dada Day.

Sophie Tauber Composition- 1935
Sophie Tauber Composition- 1935

The image is by Sophie Tauber-Arp and is to be found in the NMWA. The day began with Dada and I suppose it shall end thusly. I hope to include the link to the Women’s Art Museum on the blogroll when I have a little more time to do so.

In the meantime Dada and it’s place in the linear art-historical (or academic approach to Art History) is encapsulated quite beautifully in a book by Hans Richter : Dada, Art and Anti-Art , by Hans Richter, Trans, David Britt. Thames and Hudson 1997.

The Dada relation to Surrealism is abysmally discussed in the small piece : Babylon, Art and Image , which is further down this blog. That particular piece was about the excellent collaboration between René Crevel and Max Ernst in shaping the Book Babylon, Quartet Publications, Trans, Kay Boyle.

I am sorely tempted to include some Hans Arp or Kurt Schwitters Poetry (maybe later..,)

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