Covering Paintings and twiddling with art !

No Tits Allowed- Senor Berlusconi
No Tits Allowed- Senor Berlusconi

Just the inevitable protest at the stupid scandal caused by someone who thought to have a bare breast exposed would cause offence to people!

This image is by Tiepolo and entitled Time Uncovering Truth, the bosom was over-painted to lots of protests and outrage and is doing the blog rounds.

I think great offence has been caused to many from the ethnic Roma community in Italy, including the deaths of Viola and Christina on the beaches; and also great offence caused to free speech by a lack of free media in Italy also.

I am about to put a link into the blog-roll which treats of Tiepolo’s place in an Art Historical context, but to treat cultural expression in a manner that is subject to peevishness and/or lack of awareness is just one step away from provoking anarchy : mine anyhow 

Edit : November 2010 , Gosh he’s at it again,

“A Roman statue of Mars displayed in Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi‘s office has been restored — with a new penis added on, under specific orders from the Italian leader who has been mired in a series of sex scandals.

The 2nd-century marble statue of the Roman god of war and Venus, goddess of love and beauty, was fixed for 70,000 euros (95,000 dollars), without respecting traditional restoration techniques, La Repubblica daily said.”