Essays From Tula. Leo Tolstoy.

I am a demon for sitting and transcribing when I cannot get my brain to do the work, or when there’s a big anxiety level. I have been reading recently around the religious issue, as many seem to be. One of  the offshoots of globalisation appears to be bigger budgets so that men can wear their religious hearts on their sleeves. I find the lack of dignity, and noise level deeply enervating wherein the metaphysical  and mystic hearts of our religions are enslaved to a mass communication.

Would not it be great if the leaders told everyone to go back to the books ?

Bethink yourselves….,
that those in power and who support the old empty forms of religion should understand that what they support and preach under the form of religion is not only not religion but is the chief obstacle to man’s appropriating the true religion which they already know, and which above all can deliver them from these calamities. So that the only certain means of man’s salvation consists merely in ceasing to do that which hinders him from assimilating the true religion which already hides in his consciousness.”

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