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The forum at Poetry Ireland and it’s sister site at Northern Ireland Poetry Boards provides a good space to try out new poems and get reaction to them. They are spaces for working writers who want to test ideas and have established themselves through light moderation and the efforts of the writers themselves.

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I am travelling round for the summer, as I do , with brief home stops between settings off, this is a poem I found in a garden and is not even at draft phase. There are twelve sections and it was written very quickly –  which means it will end up in a folder.

Section 9-12: Aluine’s Garden.

‘Before the house and
the grass rolling to rocky shore,
a small ingress to rose’s bloom
and lawn of green.

Before the cloud-shrouded reek
Behind the house with fish in
the windows,
a forest of trees, a flitting child.

Before the house
a strip of mown grass quietly entrances.
Right down to bird’s flock at rocky shore
it seems butterflies play.

Before the mountain
Behind the house of gardens,
a row of trees.
Birds sing there.

Thats © Chris Murray