‘ haec fecit’ by Iosaf MacDiarmada

Haec Fecit

I find myself with schoolkids
answering dosser’s queries
be original I say and never
query that dodgy dossier.
The war brought Plagiarism
without “inverted commas”

A Limerick

O back in the days of yore
a scallywag feared what for
with a baitin by night
& an ungodly fright
sure the RA kept the peace in Donore.

A Ditty , By Ms Doyle:

War is very bad
and very very sad
too much blood
is very very mad
it makes me cry
Ow! Ow! Ow!
I cry.
too many words
too many men writing words
but it won’t make it go away.
But the war it won’t end
It won’t change the way it ought
Thank God I had that abortion
Somethings can be chosen
no matter what you’re taught.

©Iosaf  MacDiarmada

The image is entitled ‘Eagle Communication‘, by Artist Leonard Baskin ;  and is from his Raptors Folio.


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