O Where did I leave it Now?

frances castle Image

This Frances Castle image is ‘The Green veggie Monster 2‘, was going to write Mark2, but that would be rude…,

The email conversation with Frances resulted in a discussion (largely in my head) on Sheelagh no Gig, ‘cos there’s one in Tara churchyard and young men have given her a rub for luck in the National Museum of Ireland. There is a Sheelagh-na-gig Image further down the blog, the best contemporary one I can think of is by an Irish artist which depicts a pope tussling with her and she is greeny like ET!!!

I have decided to publish the lyrics of PJ Harvey in the Saturday Woman Poet section of Poethead to honour the Tara women (and men) who have worked so hard to elucidate the importance of our culture over years now.

Unlike successive governments who’d steal and sell the family silver to make a quick buck –

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