Our Voice, by International PEN Women. V4(IV).

The IV Anthology of the Tri-lingual ‘Our Voice’, a journal of Women’s Writing is hot off the presses. The press release is available at the PEN Women Link on the Righthand column of this page.

Works from 40 PEN Centres globally are collated and published in English, Spanish and French. Dr Judith Buckrich, Chair of IPWWC edited it.

The Anthology comprises works from Germany, Finland, Mexico, Zambia, Turkey, Scotland, France, New York, Kenya, Estonia, Malaysia, Sweden, India, Venezuela, England, Pakistan,Australia, Bangladesh, Romania and Bulgaria.

International PEN is a worldwide association of writers with a special consultative status at UNESCO and the United Nations.

[Writers in Prisons Committee and translation/Linguistic rights are linked in the blogroll on the right column- if you suspect you might be a writer, poet, translator-:go and take a look at what PEN/IPWCC gets up to].

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