The Green Veggie Monster.

SheelaghCastle\'s Strongman

I got a pressie of the Stuckists book- Artists whose ideas travelled the globe, from a friend of a friend (very unexpectedly) and within the pages is a beautiful Green Veggie Monster with a cunt like a Sheelagh-Na-Gig.

So I did contact Frances Castle for permission to publish the image (I like Sheelagh-Na-Gigs) they have a resonance and also Look like little inannas. Frances said ‘Yes. Publish the image on the Blog and stick in a link’

Only thing is I cannot find a workable image of the famous veggie monster but hope to have one by week’s end. it had the wonderful honour of being donated to and rejected by the Tate Gallery. The Tate Rejection lists are available in PDF from both the Tate webpage and the Stuckists Site.

So I am temporarily publishing an image from the Small-moon valley site cos it’s very funny and one must not spend one’s life giggling alone at Steve Bell.


1 thought on “The Green Veggie Monster.

  1. Patricia Murray July 2, 2008 — 9:50 am

    Liverpool Jimmy very interested and looking for address of your site, wants to read it all. I am overwhelmed and impressed with all the site contains, have to make a couple of days to get thru it tho. Must follow up on the Stuckists, who sound very interesting. Good connection green veggie monster and sheelagh na gig!! Patricia M.

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