More Iranian Women Poets: Shahnaz A’Lami.

I have put two posts on the blog with poems by Farideh Hassazadeh (Mostavi) So today I was looking at other Iranian Women writers and found a beautiful looking poem by Shahnaz A’Lami.

I say ‘ beautiful looking’  as I cannot read the Original Persian, but  I have seen an English translation . The subtitle of this site is Words and Alpha-bets with categories and sub-pages on imagery /vision/war and women’s work. It may sound wholly naive to admit that I like the shape of a poem or the graceful words that form that shape, but it is also true. I am fascinated with alphabets, maybe more so than with the languages they form. In Ireland  now, we hear many languages on the street and in the schools.Many types of music and poetic forms  too. I like that.

I am putting a link to Shahnaz A’Alami’s Poetry and those of other contemporary Iranian Women Writers in the right hand Column , under Contemporary Iranian Women’s Poetry