“Why Not?” by Farideh Hassanzadeh (Mostafavi)

Some day
I will find someone
and will tell him in silence
all the words I told others in my poems
and nobody got them.

Then I will let him
hold my head in his hands
and kiss my eyes
full of tears.
Full of the waters of dream
we will go to open the suitcase
-which we had never closed-
and will take all we need to despair
like a painkiller, a watch or a book of poems.

We, he and me, will leave everything
everything except tomorrow
and each other.

 Farideh is an Iranian poet and translator.

There are many books on women writers from the sufi and Islamic traditions, mostly they are university  and world religion type presses.

Sufism has touched contemporary western authors and philosophers. There are many access nodes on the internet to both ancient and modern Sufism, but best to enter ‘women’ poets into the search engine when looking for specific styles  writing. There are literally thousands of sites on Sufism and Islam,  so refine the search for poet(esses) (both ancient and modern)

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