“Comes Somebody” by Nelly Sachs.

Comes somebody
from faraway
with a language
which perhaps locks
the sounds
with the neighing of the mare
or the chirping
of the little blackbird
or even as a screeching saw
that cuts up all that is near-

Comes somebody
from faraway
with the movements of a dog
perhaps a rat
and it is winter
so clothe him warmly-
it may be
that he has fire under his soles
(maybe he rode on a meteor)
so do not reproach him
if your perforated carpet screams-

A stranger always carries
his home in his arms
like an orphaned child
for which he perhaps
only seeks a grave.

© Nelly Sachs. 1891-1970.This translation is © Marianne Agren Mc Elroy’s family.

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