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The Game. Page 123.

‘To finish this chapter on Padre Eusebio, here is a small tale involving him. Like so many  others, it is interesting only because of its protagonist; but having  accepted that, I think it is a pleasant one. One day in the monastery Padre Pio and he were having a semi-serious argument.’



  1. primocompline says

    Tales of Padre Pio by John McCaffery
    Great book.

  2. poethead says

    Primocompline -you win 25 pins in a packet!
    well done

    I suppose you have read the EMH Kerlie too?

  3. poethead says

    The Game (btw) was a tag game, wherein, you

    Pick up the nearest book
    open it to page 123.
    read down five sentences.
    type the next three

    and (er) acknowledge the author of yer tag.


    David , i am not good at games…. so i added your link into
    the side column (under ‘D) and worked out the rss system.

  4. primocompline says

    Sorry for the long delay… many reasons.

    EMH Kerlie ? Another P Pio book? Not yet

  5. poethead says

    no- not a Pio book. I was always interested in his bilocation stuff-

    this kerlie book is on the shrines at
    Alsace-Lorraine and takes in the
    Joan of Arc story , as well as the
    history of Riermont.

    I am a stone-cutter, so not unduly
    concerned with dogma-as much as
    with design and expression within

    (tis part of the job, or at least, it


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