Link to the Petition to ‘Stop SOPA Ireland’

Consultation  with  arts-originators , visual-artists , bloggers ?

In 2011, I wrote a post about an open consultative process here in Ireland to address radical copyright reform, wherein the Minister promised innovation and jobs through radicalising our copyright laws. I submitted, along with countless others, on issues pertinent to copyright and advances in digital technology. My submission was based in requesting the opening out of this consultation to arts organisations and originators of creative works. I am aware today that my submission was ignored and that originators of art-works are treated with disdain by a government which kow-tows to industry. Discussions by actual originators of works in the arts can be studied at this link. (Center for Social-Media discussion on fair-use in the arts.)

The Blacknight release on Stop Sopa Ireland  is here  excerpted :

Jan 24, 2012 - Irish registrar and hosting company Blacknight ( urge the Irish Internet community to join them in saying no to a “SOPA” style law being enacted by ministerial order.

The Minister of State at the department of Enterprise, Jobs and Innovation, Sean Sherlock, is introducing a statutory instrument that very closely mirrors SOPA, which was recently defeated in the US. This statute will affect all 3.5 million people in Ireland is about to become law with no vote in the Oireachtas.

An outspoken leader in Irish tech, Blacknight has long been opposed to censorship and restriction of the Internet and is committed to ensuring freedom online. If passed, sites of all sizes from YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to personal sites may be blocked in Ireland. The impact of such a move could be detrimental to Ireland’s digital economy” (from Blacknight release,  24/01/2012)

Article link to McGarr Solicitors, Dublin on the issue of ISP-Blocking .

” However, unlike that US law, people here can’t even expect to have this blocking law debated in their legislature. The Minister has said that he intends to deal with the matter by way of a Ministerial Order. Nor has he published the text of the law. The first we, the people of Ireland, will know about the text of this law will be when it is signed and brought into force.

This is grossly wrong. This is why we were so enthusiastic when Sabrina Dent suggested that we launch a petition website to let other people (a) know what was going to happen and (b) tell the Ministers responsible that they object to the proposal.”   Full article here   The link to the Irish Petition to STOP SOPA is available here.


Personal note : Why bother with Irish Political consultations when they are shredded, ignored or limited by decisions already taken?

In what amounts to an ignorant rejection of the consultative process the Minister, Richard Bruton and Seán Sherlock T.D intend to introduce isp-blocking in Ireland. This event follows on quickly from the PP in Spain’s innovation in this area, and the SOPA/PIPA protests of last week in the U.S. I don’t expect much discussion on in it in the Irish media, who often publish press-releases and soundbites , rather than anything approaching contextualisation. I am annoyed that the consultative-process that I participated in amounted to optics , and that our government is basically pushing through aggressive legislation without debate, discussion or reference to the experience of other E.U countries. It looks like FG/Lab will also attempt to tax the internet. How quickly opposition parties dump their principles when they get to play with the big boys.

Poet-Bloggers, a new category introduction for Poethead.

This post is about poet-bloggers, the vehicles they use, and how online journals are using web and social-media to increase the profile of poetics. The area is huge, as I found out when I began compiling this Google+ list.  There are multiple groups and individuals connecting across Twitter, and Facebook also. The emphasis here will be on the individual writer, and the journals that are emergent, or already fully developed.

I thought to begin with some of the artists who have caught my eye through consistent use of online resources to bring their poetry to the public eye, these writers include, Aíne Mac Aodha, Nuala Ni ChonchúirRon Silliman, Charles Bernstein, Al Filreis Mick RooneyPierre Joris , Elizabeth Kate Switaj and Robert Peake.

There are many more poets and writers using online and social-media, but the above in particular have a great online presence. They regularly and consistently post about poetry through PENN Sound, personal websites, journals and Facebook.  Publishers such as Salt, Poetry IrelandPoetry London ,Over the Edge , Munster Literature, Jacket2  , Women Writers Women Books , use online media in a very effective manner also. There are also The Dublin Poetry Review, The Western Writers Centre, Anon Poetry , the Arvon Foundation  The Paris ReviewPoet’s Pages, Crannóg and Caper Literary Journals.

Any other poet will name a score more reviews ,  journals or poetry-centred blogs. These are the ones that I know and enjoy reading. Last week I added a new category called Poet-bloggers. This short piece along with its related links serves as an introduction to what is currently happening online for poets.

Related Poethead Links.


Poethead Links and Irish Imprints ; reacting to savage cut-backs by The Fianna Fáil and Green Parties.

Following on from the Cló Iar-Chonnachta post which I published in the last  days, I thought to draw some attention to the Poethead links, which are included on the right-hand column of the main Poethead page. 

There are two specifically Irish themed link-sets on this blog, entitled Irish Imprints and Irish Writers, others are scattered in the links under the titles, Art and Image , or Art and Poetry Publications. As this is a small , independent writer’s site ,  not everything appears with amazing rapidity, it comprises a reflection of  my reading interests . However, as the whole world knows that Ireland is in severe financial trouble  and as our arts infrastructure is quite poor already, being publicity-led and market-driven many people would possibly like to know the value of a good book and that not all that leaves this country in the form of media-packaged twaddle is grotesquely misshapen by the demands of a globalised market. (or indeed the special little interests of a small group of men)

These small presses and their writers do not deserve extinction through cuts, through market-forced innovations or indeed through governments that lack essential leadership in their duty of care to our culture and heritage.

I do hope that a renaissance will occur between the poet/artist and the reader and that awareness of the value of a linguistic tradition is cottoned onto. It’d be great to see corporates actually realising that people cannot glut forever on simplified consumerist fantasy as a palliative to their promoted ennui !

I always think that European cultures know the value of their poetic and literary traditions more so than us Irish, but I am optimistically waiting to be proven wrong. I include herein some of the Independent Press names , which will evolve and be added to and indeed I have added also some online writers who I  and many others enjoy:

I have had some lovely emails about the Cló Iar-Chonnachta post and I am always welcoming of recommended reads.  I will be updating about how ongoing Fianna Fáil/Green Party policy has eviscerated Irish Art and Culture in later posts. I will point readers to the National campaign for the Arts RSS feed , which is right below this post in the centre column. A Personal Anarchist Manifesto Theatre  Forum Ireland